Yooper Steez Customer Photos

Voting is live!

The third annual Bracket of Steez launched this morning. Each March we comb through our favorite customer photos and face them off against another in a bracket format. We are continually impressed with all the places we ship orders to and all the places those items are photographed. Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously through your adventures across Michigan, the United States, and the World.

The Bracket of Steez Champion will be announced the morning of Monday, March 30th. Vote today!

$500 in Gift Certificates

We’ll be giving away $500 in Yooper Steez gift cards. That could score you a handful of t-shirts, or a couple hoodies, or a hoodie and a couple shirts, or a whole bunch of stickers, or…  Well, ok, I think you get the idea. Here’s a break down of what we’re giving away.

  • $100 for the winning photo
  • $50 for each regional winner
  • $100 for one random voter
  • $50 for two random voters

2014 Bracket of Steez

  • 2014 Champion: Alyse Heikkinen
  • 2014 Bracket Preview by Senior Bracketologist Michael Babcock
  • 416 people cast 5,858 votes
  • Photos from twelve states, eight countries, and three continents

2013 Bracket of Steez

  • 2013 Champion: Karl Presslein
  • Epic Finale by Senior Bracketologist Michael Babcock
  • 301 people 3,527 votes
  • Photos from twelve states, eleven countries, ,and six continents


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