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Previous Steez Drops

Since December 2013 several Yoopers, tourists, and lucky passerbys have found one of our Yooper Steez Drops. Every so often we pack up a hoodie, some tees, and other brand new gear and place them in random locations in towns across the Upper Peninsula. Then we post a clue to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Good luck!

Act fast! When a drop is made it is found on average in just 16 minutes and 30 seconds.


Coming soon to a town near you!


finders keepersst ignace lighthouse
Location:45.865, -84.716
Town:St. Ignace
Winners:Lucy and Michael
Duration:19 minutes


negaunee tshirtishpeming shirts
Location:46.510, -87.611
Winners:Josh, Jamie, and Pat
Duration:16 minutes


sault ste marie downtown
Location:46.500, -84.345
Town:Sault Ste. Marie
Winners:Patrick and Beth
Duration:19 minutes


stormy kromer statuestormy kromer hat ironwood
Location:46.463, -90.142
Duration:9 minutes


mackinc island park
Location:45.851, -84.616
Town:Mackinac Island
Duration:24 minutes


jesse munising
Location:46.411, -86.651
Winners:Jesse Ake
Duration:11 minutes


love the upper peninsula
Location:46.580, -87.381
Duration:12 minutes


Location:46.547, -87.395
Winners:Autumn and Mike
Duration:22 minutes

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