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Marquette Mountain

2009 Midwest Super Park – Marquette Mountain

2009 Midwest Super Park

1 helicopter. 1 broken snowboard. 1 broken leg. And a whole bunch of whoa.

Every year a few dozens of the Midwest’s best snowboarders and skiers take to Marquette Mountain and showcase some of the best talent around. It’s impressive to see the kind of talent there is locally.

Here are some photos from the big air competition, courtesy of yours truly….

(click the photo for a larger version, and if you competed in the comp or are looking for more photos, get a hold of me and I can set you up with files or prints)

2009 Midwest Super Park

Nick Baumgartner from iron river
Nick Baumgartner

Dave Sarazin. A few runs later he broke his snowboard.

Gene Ross
Gene Ross… Rodeo 540, while dodging 8 snowballs. Look closely in the second photo and you can tell that not one of them hit him, so these kids need some better aim. More importantly, he landed as smooth as butter on a day where most people were sketching out on the landing.

Midwest Super Park

Marquette Mountain

Marquette Mountain

Broken Leg
There was one serious injury on the day, a broken leg. After about 10 minutes of attention from the ski patrol he was off to the hospital. Fortunately, I got a photo of the near instant he broke his leg, probably within miliseconds.

8 Wonderful Comments

  1. Ty Aymond
    Apr 6, 2009

    hey man, stoked on the story. we met at a party a while back in mqt. im the skier on the second to last sequence in b/w. just wondering if you could send me that shot in high res / color. let me know man!

    ps the editing is sick

  2. Great photos bugsy! It’s always great to have a snow comp on a bluebird day :-)

  3. Tony Seyffer
    Apr 6, 2009

    Hey Man, great photos! Just wondering if you have any others other then these?! They are so sick!

  4. Awesome photos!!!

  5. LOOOOVE IT!!!

    But I wish I could have been your assistant again :(

  6. Frank King
    Apr 9, 2009

    i want to know if i can get the photo of my little brother (the kid in black and white flannel) please call me 231-590-2819 asap

  7. Adam Kirchner
    Apr 11, 2009

    Hey! Nice Shots! I’m the skier in the first photo in the blue jacket. I was wondering if you had any other shots? If so, please email me asap! I would really appreciate it, thanks.

  8. Paul Bowman
    Apr 17, 2009

    Sic pic! Actually I broke my Tib and Fib in different spots both of them were complete spiral fractures, and fractured my ankle. A high price for a cork 9 tail. Im just glad you got a picture of it.

    Thanks man

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