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Another Beautiful Upper Peninsula Spring, Gotta #LoveDaUP

April Snowstorm Upper Peninsula

A fresh 7 inches of snow fell in Baraga and several other parts of the Upper Peninsula today.  A great day to head to the Baraga Drive-In for some ice cream.

Most Yoopers, and especially Trolls, are eager for nice spring weather in April, especially by April 17.  Even the Lansing Lugnuts celebrate the Yooper heritage with Yooper Night.  They offered attendees of Yooper Night to use their tickets for another game this season if the weather was above 60 degrees.  That was on Friday, and I’d be surprised it was even 50 degrees for the opening pitch.

Although winter seems to be prolonged, we all know that you can’t be sure of any weather in the Upper Peninsula. We may very well skip from winter straight to summer this year.  For about a week anyway, then it will be fall again.

Don’t worry, I promise you that sunny warm days are coming soon.

Feel free to share your photos on our Facebook Page from today’s snowfall. Using twitter?  Follow us at @UpperPeninsula and use the hash tag #LoveDaUP when talking about the Upper Peninsula.

Enjoy a few more photos. Today’s photograph are taken a very special guest contributor, Nancy Sailor, better known as my mom!

April Snowstorm Upper Peninsula

April Snowstorm Upper Peninsula

April Snowstorm Upper Peninsula

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