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Fan photos from April snowstorm

Everyone was excited for spring being just around the corner.  But c’mon, this is the Upper Peninsula, we all knew that we’d see a big snowfall again.  In 2009 we saw the biggest April snowstorm in 10 years.  In 2008 we had a comparable April Fool’s Day snowstorm.  2010 wasn’t going to be any different.  Some people said Marquette received as much as 10″ of snowfall on Friday.

I asked fans of the Yooper Steez fan page to share some photos from the snowfall and received some good variety.  If you’re not already a fan feel free to join today or share it with friends.  Feel free to submit other fan photos to the page.

Thanks for sharing everyone and I hope you enjoy.

Michigan April Snowstorm
Posted by April

Snow monkey
Posted by John

Snow monkey
Posted by John, taken later the same day as the previous photo.

Marquette Snowstorm
Posted by Mary

Upper Peninsula Snowstorm
Posted by Greg

And just for kicks, someone sent this my way a few months ago…

Two feet of snow

Two feet of snow

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