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At What Windchill Should College Campuses Close in the Upper Peninsula?

Two weeks ago I woke a blog entry expressing feeling about Northern Michigan University closing their campus for not just one, but two days.

It was about -14 degrees with the windchill those two winter days. Since that chilly week it has warmed up across the Upper Peninsula in the last two weeks.

The topic seemed to have hit a chord with a number of people. Feel free to read all the comments or post one yourself.

Immediately it inspired me to ask a new poll question, here are the results…

Upper Peninsula Weather

Considering that the windchill was -14 degrees that day and according to our poll results only 10% of people agree that the university should have shut down campus. The other 90% believe it should be at least -20 degrees below zero before shutting down.

The previous blog entry stirred some interesting points from readers.

Wimps. Tech would definitely still be in business. Typical though.


I totally agree. Why should college campus close for days ls like that. I am from the Sault and experienced colder weather like that even when i was little. I am now at Central Michigan University and our weather was just as cold with the wind chill. We still had classes. I just went out in layers. Its not even the layers, Just making sure your skin has at least 1 layer like a hat or scarf or hoody. I agree the elementry should close. Most little kids just throw a jacket and gloves on and go out. Most of the time they will not come in early enough prior to early stages of frost bite.


“Just goes to show what kind of people they have at NMU.”

Please don’t judge the whole university by the decisions of a few people. I wanted classes that day, and I was greatly disappointed that they were willing to waste my money and time.


I was at MTU for three years, and in that time we never had an “inclement” weather day, or any other cancelation. I remember (maybe in winter 04 or 05) they canceled Broomball for a couple nights becasue the windchill was approaching negative 30…and we were bummed. Never canceled classes.


So, at Michigan Tech the University is only closed when the wind chill gets to -40 or lower. Yeah. So when all the NMU students were warm in their beds when it was -14, I was trudging through the arctic that is the college campus of MTU wearing my thermal gloves, long underware, my uggs, my ridiculous looking winter chook, and my winter jacket. And guess what? I’m still alive. Imagine….

Heather T


Now a whopping 33% said that Upper Peninsula universities should never close no matter what the windchill is. I think if the temperature hit -40 degrees that a number of those people would change their answer, me being one of them. Of course it’s all in good fun here at Yooper Steez, but I have a hunch a few people may have gone for the most extreme answer.

Thanks for all your comments on the previous post, and it would be great to hear your thoughts on the poll results.

3 Wonderful Comments

  1. We used to walk to school when it was 30 below (and we walked in the deep snow uphill, both ways!:>)…Blizzard yes. Windchill? Never

  2. Well, kids, I do believe that a few years ago, Northern was immersed in a balmy -50 degree wind chill, and we all sucked it up and went to class. People were lined up in the library waiting for Public Safety to come jump their cars because it was so cold their batteries all died. Like many people on campus at Northern, I put on my big-girl panties and went to Jamrich because I paid my tuition, and darn it, I was going to LEARN something.

    We all live in and love the UP – why the hostility toward NMU kids? Tech and NMU both get their fair share of the cold and snow – gotta love that rivalry! (GO CATS!)

  3. Huh…. Yeah, I don’t remember NMU shutting down for windchill when I was up there, but that could be because it was 25 years ago. :) However, sitting here in Minneapolis where I just sent my kids off to the bus stop at -10, *not factoring in windchill*, I gotta wonder if there was some administrator who wanted an excuse not to go in those days. Pretty wimpy, guys!

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