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Big Boy Graveyard

The Big Boy Graveyard: Rediscovered 7 Years Later

Many of you have read my previous post of the old post regarding the “Legend of the Big Boy Graveyard”. Thanks to an incredible amount of search traffic to Yooper Steez due to that post, and an excellent response from readers, I think I have some information you will all be happy to hear!

First off, a big thanks goes out to Katrina who e-mailed me a new top secret location.

I feel that what used to be called the “Big Boy Graveyard” can no longer be dubbed as such. As the previous photos showed there was a third Big Boy lying on the ground with a hamburger along side it. It was more of a dump site.

Now however, it’s not so much a graveyard as it is an entrance to a chained off driveway to the dump site. They have the same role as those ridiculous lions you see at the end of driveways in what are usually gated off houses. However, they don’t quite fend you off as much as the lions. But I think most people would agree there’s still a bit of creepiness to it when seeing this great American icon out of context.

Enjoy the photos…

Fall Colors in Upper Peninsula
*I know, there are no Big Boys in this photo. But this is the drive back to their location and it was a beautiful fall afternoon.

Big Boy Graveyard

Negaunee Big Boy Graveyard

Big Boy Restaurants Icon

The Big Boy Graveyard

Upper Peninsula Roadside Attractions

Michigan Big Boy Graveyard

Know of any other strange locations in the Upper Peninsula? Drop a comment below, we’d love to hear about it.

54 Wonderful Comments

  1. Josey Bonini-Aalto
    Oct 13, 2008

    I would love to know where this is. Please send me the directions! Thank you.


  2. Haha, these are awesome pictures.

  3. Hmmm– I preferred when they were all tipped and stuff at the old location…

  4. Hah, wow. Crazy.

  5. YAY!! :)

  6. Stephanie
    Oct 14, 2008

    They look so happy! Perhaps their new home is better than at a Big Boy… I know I wouldn’t want to hang out at Big Boy all the time. The one even got rid of his burger he was so sick of their food. Fun stuff

  7. What an awesome sight!
    I won’t be back in the UP until next Spring, but I’d love to know where it is.


    Quote; “Officers believe it may have been a prank by seniors.” REALLY!? I thought maybe spies from North Korea had infiltrated our borders, and while sequestered in a cheap hotel awaiting instructions from H.Q., ingested far too many Mountain Dews and “Happy Days” episodes, and well, one thing just led to another…

    Actually, at some point in the 80’s, some kids from my high school kidnapped our Big Boy and held him for ransom, cutting off parts of his body and mailing them back over a period of several weeks when no $$$ appeared.

    In LA there used to be a huge fenced in parking lot just filled with fresh Big Boy statues waiting to be assigned a restaurant entrance to protect. Same thing for Little Caesar statues, except it was in suburban D, Warren or Sterling Heights I think.

  8. Thanks Yooper Steez and Katrina. Mystery solved. I’ll have to pay a visit before snow flies. Very creepy indeed…

  9. I was wondering where they went! Speaking of strange UP locations… Have you been to the Pauling Light?

  10. i knew it! i knew it!! people thought i was nuts when i told them about this place. i feel vindicated.

  11. hi there. i live in upper michigan in a town called lanse. I was playing wordscraper on facebook when i found this story featured on the side of the facebook page as an advertisement while i was playing wordscraper. Does that make you famous? Anyways cool pics. cheers!!!

  12. Hey there, I live in Marquette and I have to say those pics are great! I was wondering though, are either of those from when the Big Boy burned, or is the one outside the rebuilt restaurant the same one?

  13. Yooper Steez
    Nov 15, 2008


    To answer your question…

    No neither of these are from the Big Boy fire. These are the same ones I originally photographed 7.5 years ago in 2001.

  14. Another cool place everybody from the UP knows but out-of-towners may not that’s also private property so i can’t put the directions on here is Al Capone’s mansion. It’s all messed up from people hanging out there but you can find all sorts of hidden passages and cool/creepy things like bullet holes and what not throughout the house.

  15. Luke I would love to get directions to al capones mansion! My email is whitehart140@hotmail.com, so if you could get back to me thatd be great! thanks.

  16. i would also like to know where al capones mansions located!! please e-mail me when you get the chance. pezzcat17@yahoo.com

  17. mike foucault
    Nov 18, 2008

    hey Luke i used to live in L’anse and still visit the u.p monthly. please e-mail me how to get to al capones mansion, i now live in Ill by the way. talk about a step down!! Wolverine44@safe-mail.net

  18. Ok I have lived in Marquette all my life and I have never heard of Capones Mansion so I would like to see it please email me directions… ginamarie726@yahoo.com also would like to see the big boys!!! Look forward to new adventures thanks!

  19. Curtis Johnson
    Nov 19, 2008

    I would also like to know where capones mansion is that would be sweet. Thanks!

  20. Hey I am also curious of al capones mansion whereabouts. If you could e-mail with the info it would be much appreciated. Liss1705@hotmail.com

  21. I would like to know where both things are so if you could please e-mail the exact locations

  22. Hello please send me locations for both big boy and Capones Manison

  23. Ever been to the “Submarine Races” out @ the Lighthouse in Menominee….??????
    How about a good “Snipe Hunt” in the Devils Creek area?

  24. Hi!

    I’d like to know where Al Capone’s mansion and the Big Boy’s are! jshanks@nmu.edu



  25. I would like directions to both of these places. I have lived in the U.P my hole life and never heard of them. I can be reached at my e-mail address. Thanks!

  26. Kool pics of the Old Big Boy statues.. Reminds me of when we had a Big Boy in town and all the fun we used to have there as young adults and they closed the in town Big Boy down for the dumbest of reasons. Lots of juicy gossip concernin g the closing..

    If I am not mistaken Al Capones mansion is right here in the Iron Mountain – Kingsford area. I may be off a tad bit and it’s actually in the Marquette-Ishpeming area.

    I do know for A FACT (Oops sorry, my caps locked in again)

    Any who as I was saying I know for a fact that Henry Ford maintained a home right here in Iron Mountain.


    P.S. Both Ford and what I believe to be Capon’s mansion are both on private property and gated for security. It is next to impossible to get into these two places.

    Please if I am wrong would you let me know where Capones mansion is so I can go see it for myself. Thank you in advance.

  27. Al Capone’s mansion is now open to public tours every day of the week but federal holidays. Just google “alcatraz island” and it will give you all the information!

    my email is davidbryanlawrence@hotmail.com if you have an alternate location to discuss.

  28. Ok I used to live about 2 miles from these big boys. They are indeed on private property but the dirt road they are next to is a public road. I was always told the owner of big boy lived in the house way down the hill on the resevoir. It’s about a mile up 510 from midway drive. When the drop off to the right gets big they are soon in sight. Happy searching!Not exactly what I would go see if I returned for a visit though.

  29. hey i was wondering if you could tell me where al capones mansion is thanx.

  30. Chris Kangas
    Mar 23, 2010

    Hey, I would like to know where this is. Thanks!

  31. Kimberly Barton
    May 22, 2010

    Hi, I would like directions to both the al capone mansion and the big boy site. I was wondering if anyone has been to the mandan ghost town. Definatly creepy.

  32. Where is Mandan ghost town…email me…


  33. Yooper Steez
    Jun 7, 2010

    David and Kimberly,

    Here is at least a little more information on Mandan. There is a really good book that I don’t have with me the moment that talks about all the ghost towns in the Upper Peninsula. I think you can find a few versions at different U.P. gift shops and things.


  34. Was wondering if the Big Boys are still there, and if you could give me directions?


  35. thanks for the link on Manden Yopper Steez!

  36. I would love to have directions to the big boy “graveyard” please.

  37. It’s not a graveyard, but a sanctuary. These should be protected.

  38. No, these statues are not alive. It is a cemetery.

  39. What will future archeologists think? At least give one to the Smithsonian museum.

    “No, these statues are not alive. It is a cemetery.”

    So it’s a cement-ery?

  40. LOL…. wish I had thought of that!

  41. Jen Thayer
    Sep 8, 2011

    It was a sad day for me last week when I drove past the Manistique Big Boy and say the Big Boy himself in the back by the dumpster. I asked my husband if he would by it for me and if we had some where to put it me would have. Another one gone :( The next time I see the manager out there I am going to ask him where he(Big Boy) went.

  42. Jason mcleod
    Apr 6, 2012

    Please, if you could send me directions to the big boy statues that would be fantastic!

  43. I’ve heard of one in warren.
    4199 Marcy St, Warren, MI.

    Lemme know if it exists.

  44. Mike Aubin
    Feb 26, 2014

    I would love to know were it is, as I have a Big Boy Bobble head and Bank that needs to find their final resting place.

  45. Bob Mayerle
    Jan 25, 2015

    Can i get the directions to the bobs big boy resting place I am going up to the UP this spring and would like to see this place.

  46. Hello! Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a Bigboy?

  47. Was there ever A Big Boy restaurant in Kingsford, MI?

  48. I would love to know ware this is I drive through Ishpeming and Negaunee every munth on my way to marquette for a meeting and would love to take a quick look at them

  49. and just answer the question before my there was not a big boy in Kingsford Michigan but there was one in Iron Mountain Michigan if you know where the Iron Mountain Power Sports is that is the old big boy restaurant

  50. there was a Big Boy in Kingsford before it was in Iron Mountain. It was connected to the old Shopko, when they first opened. Back in the mid to Late 70 s I believe

  51. There was a Big Boy attached to Shopko about 35 years ago. It was eventually closed and became the fabric department.

  52. Please send me directions to al capones mansion in pembine wi. I heard it burnt down but would like to know…. Ty

  53. I am going to Marquette in June. I really want to see this Big Boy Graveyard in person. Does it still exist? If so can you send me directions?



  54. Del Jackson
    Sep 29, 2017

    Our Frische’s Big Boy in Wilmington, Ohio removed the statue about a year ago. Just recently been replaced with a spanking new one. Why do the others not follow suite?

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