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Biggest April Snowstorm in 10 Years

Upper Peninsula Snowstorm

Friday was a remarkably beautiful day. A friend and I drove to Little Presque Isle in the afternoon and had a wonderful hike to Wetmore Landing. It was 75 degrees, sunny, and Lake Superior was as smooth as glass. There were even people in swimming suits and bikinis. That was Friday.

Early Monday morning the snow started to settle on the ground. By mid afternoon most everything was white. By Tuesday morning everything was covered with snow, the roads were covered with slush. By this afternoon my roommate and I decided to close the blinds so we weren’t reminded of what the weather was like outside. And now, Tuesday evening, the snow continues to come down.

Marquette Snowstorm

According to WLUC TV6 this is the biggest snowstorm the Upper Peninsula has seen in over a decade this late in the season. In 2002 about 8.5 inches came down as late as April 28th. Some rumors say that Herman had as much as 16″ of fresh snow today.

This is the epitome of weather in the Upper Peninsula. Inevitably, it seems that everyone is quite annoyed by the snow, including myself this time around. That 75 degree weather felt really nice on Friday.

Now it’s supposed to be up to the mid sixties again on Thursday. Ahh, nothing like the Upper Peninsula.

I would love to hear your comments on the snow.

Photos were provided by Nancy Sailor of Baraga, taken on April 21st, 2009 along U.S. 41 between L’Anse and Michigamme.

12 Wonderful Comments

  1. It’s okay………..
    When one who was born here has the “gumption” to go ahead and walk a mile to the store in 10 inches of slush. My pedal bike is hearty but just does not provide slush free riding. So, if you have not prepared with provisions for another Winter Spring Storm here in da UP, it’s okay to get out and walk in it to survive!

  2. TV6 is not very accurate…I believe it was 2 Aprils ago…Easter weekend…and I couldn’t go home because of the storm. NMU had 2 snow days in a row, and this time we didn’t have any snow days. AND that weekend my roommate and I had gone to Wal-Mart to get a bunch of food since we were stuck here for the weekend and Wal-Mart’s power even went out! I don’t know the exact accumulation that time, but I’m pretty sure it was way worse than this! Craziness! I like the pics tho…very nice! :)

  3. All I know is this snow better stop acting up…im done with it.

  4. That storm came to you from Denver, with all our best wishes. :-) I had a foot in my yard Saturday morning.

  5. kristin Darby
    Apr 22, 2009

    from Florida and the HOT weather, the snow looks great…. it will go soon, and spring to follow. luck you, in FL we don’t get spring

  6. Good words.

  7. Believe it or not I was pretty happy to see the snow come for what will perhaps be the last of this winter. I kinda felt like a little kid who can’t wait to go out and play in the snow on a snow day home from school. The snow here in Negaunee was so beautiful. It was the wet heavy kind and it was sticking to the trees making everything looks so lovely. After work I took a walk in the woods just to look around and enjoyed it very much! Nothing like being surrounded by trees loaded with snow as far as the eye can see..
    Nice job on this web site as always.
    Im probably one of the few Yoopers this year who is kinda sad to see the winter go. It was a beautiful winter thanks to Mother Nature!

  8. I’m really glad I got out of the U.P. before this happened (I moved to the Madison, WI area in March)…haha…but I can’t wait to spend some time up there this summer. <3

  9. At least it’s over :-) nice post, Bugsy!

  10. It was great to get at least one last blast in before it was all over. Although being a life long Yooper, this one caught me by suprise! I had to dig the skis out of storage, reset my DINs, and do a half-dozen laps at MQT Mtn. Might go again tonight if I have time.

  11. Thank goodness it’s melting now! It’s back to 72 degrees this afternoon (but starting to drop again…predicted to be in the 40’s tomorrow.) But I don’think…I HOPE…we’re done with snow for this year.

  12. Yooper Steez
    Apr 25, 2009

    It seems that we’ve seen every season in just the last week. I mentioned it was 75 on Friday the 17th, then about 6-8 inches of snow, then 65 on Thursday, and now a decent thunderstorm last night with lots and lots of rain.

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