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Jeff Daniels Discusses the Upper Peninsula on David Letterman

“You know what I’m always curious about? The Upper Peninsula.” – David Letterman

After some banter about hunting, fishing, and drinking Letterman goes on to ask Jeff Daniels why the Upper Peninsula is not part of Wisconsin. We were surprised that Mr. Daniels wasn’t able to answer the question. Well, we have an answer for that!

They followed with some chat about Mackinac Island (yes, it’s pronounced MackiNAW, not MackiNACK, and not to be confused with Mackinaw City) and the “longest porch in the history of porches”. That would be the Grand Hotel. A frequent question we get is, “Is Mackinac Island considered the Upper Peninsula?” And yes, it is. They have a 906 area code across the island and it’s actually at a higher latitude than the Mackinac Bridge.

Thanks to our friendĀ @jen_humphries for giving us the heads up on this interview, as we’re always looking for instances of people talking about the Upper Peninsula in the national media.

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  1. Matt Trumbell
    Jun 20, 2013

    Somebody send Jeff Daniels and Dave Letterman some info on the Toledo War. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toledo_War

  2. I am a yooper , from the UP of Michigan…………..and they can us yoopers all I know dave letterman needs to come up here

  3. Susan Lyle
    Jun 20, 2013

    The UP is far more than “Drinking”….Jeff, it’s clear you know nothing about the UP. The UP is about nature, the beauty of untouched water falls, beaches, wild blueberries, fresh air, solitude….Your play about Escanaba was embarrassing and not at all based on truth.
    I am so disappointed in this chat with Letterman. You missed your chance to truly represent Michigan…yes, you are Dumb!.

  4. Betsy Haddock
    Jun 22, 2013

    I saw your delightful interview with Jeff Daniels. I grew up in the UP. I was a yooper. Ieft at age 19 to go to DC to begin my long career. I had to learn how to speak the way the rest of America spoke. We always used to joke about drinking, screwing et al. I do not miss the UP by any stretch of imagination. I will, however, be going home this late August for my 50th HS class reunion. I am looking forward to it. I have always been a community activist & like President Barack Obama, I helped rebuild neighborhoods to become empowered with the City. I also had my own TV show called “NeighborTalk”. I interviewed those from the City Staff, Main Street, Backus Gallery, neighborhoods & what they were trying to accomplish. I talked to anyone who was trying to do things to improve my new community of Fort Pierce, Fl I see 906 flash up on the screen. I remember my Mother in laws 906-786-3677. She now is in a nursing home. I will be back in late 8/13 for my 50th H/S class reunion. Yes!


  5. Christine Nyboer
    Jun 26, 2013

    Send David Letterman a Yooper shirt! He is facinated with the UP.

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