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Bill No. 4995 Approved by Michigan House of Representatives

Michigan Capitol
Photo by Lincolnblues on Flickr

The Upper Peninsula will now be required to be included on all official state maps and publications.

Imagine a state where 1/3 of the state is not included on the map in official state documents. I mentioned the bill recently, which was introduced by State Rep. Michael Lahti (D-Hancock).

Now it seems silly to me that this has to be an official bill. Some “trolls” have stated that the Yoopers are whining. But the fact that a state isn’t wholly represented within state documents seems absurd. Our legislature shouldn’t have to spend time on petty little bills like this that shouldn’t have been needed in the first time. Apparently the house of representatives agreed.

The bill passed the Michigan House of Representatives with a vote of 106-0.

The Lansing State Journal commented as follows…

Some “Yoopers,” as U.P. residents call themselves, felt slighted last year when a state-sponsored tourism commercial only showed the more populous peninsula to the south. The TV ad was later fixed.

Some high school students from Escanaba wrote to a textbook publisher last year after a map in a history book appeared to exclude the U.P. from the borders of the United States.


House Bill 4995 reads as follows:

May 26, 2009, Introduced by Reps. Lahti, Lindberg, McDowell, Nerat, Booher, Spade, Gonzales, Polidori, Cushingberry and Paul Scott and referred to the Committee on Government Operations.

A bill to require all official depictions of the state of Michigan to include both peninsulas of the state.


Sec. 1. (1) Any illustration, image, or depiction of the state of Michigan on a publication produced by a department or agency of this state shall include both the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula of this state.

(2) Subsection (1) applies to all documents produced by this state for distribution to any member of the public, including, but not limited to, maps, forms, brochures, pamphlets, and commemorative items, and also applies to digital images made available over the internet by any state department or agency.

Please comment and leave your opinion of this.

7 Wonderful Comments

  1. It’s about time! Yay! Thanks for posting this.

  2. I remember this from the 80’s – anyone else remember this? The most infamous omission occurred when Michigan left the U.P. off the initial sesquicentennial logo. After an outcry, a miniature Upper Peninsula was added! As the screams of outrage grew louder, the logo was finally redesigned to include the accurately-scaled U.P. Rumor has it that around this time, a parade float somewhere in the U.P. featured a large cut-out of the U.P. with a miniature mitten dragging on the ground, attached by a chain representing the bridge. I’ve seen jewelery sold in the U.P. since that featured a miniature mitten hanging from the U.P. by a chain.

  3. Come on folks. It’s about time we Yoopers are in included in Michigan. Gov. You do like our tax money. This is the best place. They don’t call it God’s country for no reason. Then maybe again, if you do not know we exist, you won’t want to come and visit and stay. I’m a true blue Yooper and love it. The U.P. is the place to be. Seems like I heard that tune before.

  4. I think its a good idea and wonderful omen to be excluded from the Michigan map. Do we really want to be associated with da trolls?

    Free the UP!

  5. Christina
    Nov 9, 2013

    I live in the U.P. For years this very issue bothered me a lot because when I lived in a different state and told my friends that I lived in Upper Michigan, they all assumed that I meant that I lived in Detroit! However as I grew up and moved back to the U.P., I now feel the other way! Now I’m grateful that a lot of people know nothing about the U.P. It’s the kindness, the innocence, the lifestyle, the simplicity, etc. that I value now. And now that more people know about the U.P. (just since I was a child to even 5 years ago) crime rates have gone up! I can only imagine how much worse things will get for us up here. If the U.P. needs recognition, then perhaps they should just give us our own state name and let us keep our state taxes helping us, where we can see U.P. roads being fixed rather than so much tax money going downstate while we’re forgotten. (It’s been better lately regarding the roads!) So I guess in the end, that it all depends how you look at the situation as to what’s best for Michigan; the lower as well as the upper part of the state. I’ve also been told by a cashier in Wisconsin, that the U.P. belongs to them and not Michigan at all! The whole map thing is just a small fraction of the situation for the U.P. as a whole.

  6. Well that’s good considering WE ARE ACTUALLY PART OF THE STATE!

  7. Chad edington
    Dec 4, 2015

    I think we should keep this beautiful place a little know secret. I’m sick of contesting with out of towners during walleye and deer season

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