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Poll Results: How many Great Lakes have you swam in?

I left it off the graph, but there were two people who said they have never swam in any of the Great Lakes. If you know anyone who never has, you need to make sure that they swim in one of the Great Lakes this summer!

Which of the Great Lakes have you swam in?

Now that we know how many of the Great Lakes people have swam in, I would love to know which ones you have and haven’t swam in. Which ones are your favorite for swimming? Where are your favorite places to go swimming along the Great Lakes?

Swimming in the Great Lakes

Have a great time swimming in the Great Lakes this summer!

8 Wonderful Comments

  1. Swam in all but Ontario. Superior is my favorite, hands-down. Fav places are Great Sand Bay, Agate Beach, Keystone Bay and anywhere deserted and wild.

  2. I’ve gone swimming in Lake Michigan (my hometown is right on the lake shore), and Lake Superior. I prefer Lake Michigan for its warmth in comparison to Superior. :D

  3. I’ve swam in Superior and Michigan. Superior is fun, but it’s got such a short swimming period, like July-October.

    I really love Michigan, near the Chicago area, it’s quite warm, and is really shallow by the beach, so we can be swimming a hundred yards out and still reach the ground.

  4. By the time I was 12 I had swum in all of them.

  5. Pamela Tetreault
    Jul 14, 2009

    Me, my husband and all four kids have swam in 3 of the Great Lakes.. Michigan, Huron and Superior. We just spent a glorious week and a half in the U.P. over in Curtis and went all over taking the kids to see so many of all the beautiful sights in the U.P.

  6. My husband and daughter swam in all the great lakes in one day, last August. And are planning a repeat in two weeks.

  7. My wife and I and two friends did the 5 lakes in one day in September of 1990. Started at Superior at 6:30 a.m. and finished in Ontario at 8:00 p.m. A great day in the great lakes.

  8. My husband and daughter have swam in all of the great lakes in one day for the past 4 years–we call the event Swimapalooza. We start near Hamilton, Ontario, and end up in Grand Marais. We decorate our car and have shirts made. Along the way people are always excited to hear about our adventure. We always do it in August so that the lakes are the warmest….

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