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Lake Superior Storm Video

Lake Superior Storm Footage

With the coming launch of our new product, Lake Superior t-shirts, I thought it’d be a appropriate to celebrate the power of Lake Superior a little more. In addition to that, I thought it’d be good to mix things up a little bit. Rather than posting some photos, how about a few videos for Photo Friday. For more information on the power of Lake Superior you can read a previous post of Why Lake Superior Kicks Your Lake’s Butt.

Now, for your viewing pleasure…

If you come across any additional footage of Lake Superior storms post a link in the comment section and we’ll get it on the blog.

2 Wonderful Comments

  1. Barb and Lowell
    Aug 22, 2008

    Hi there Bugsy!
    We are still following you and your sites!
    Video’s were awesome of Lake Superior!
    Like the new Teeeeeeeee Shirt too of Lake Superior.
    Any color is fine…….I do love NMU’s colors though……smiles.
    B and L

  2. Nils Stenvig
    Sep 22, 2008

    I don’t have any videos, but I have a few pictures of a pretty nice storm. It was Nov. 9th 2005, at the western break-wall of the Portage Canal (on the South side). The wind was pretty incredible – you can see the weeds on the beach are laying straight down across the ground. I can remember standing with my arms out facing the lake and leaning into the wind… you could get pretty close to 45 degrees without falling over. You definitely had to walk carefully and brace yourself while standing still. I don’t remember what the wind speeds were so I just checked the weather archives – 64 mph gusts with 50 mph sustained max… sounds reasonable but that would’ve been at the airport. I’m sure those numbers were higher on the western shore of the Keweenaw.

    The pictures are here:

    The waves are huge – like 15ft – but there’s not much reference other than the break wall. The break wall is normally about 10 feet above calm lake level (I think). For those who know the location well, periodically the waves were flooding the parking lot…

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