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Mike Row on Mackinac Island

Mike Rows Says Nice Things About the Upper Peninsula, and You Should Too!

Mike Rowe is no stranger to Mackinac Island, having filmed segments of Dirty Jobs on the Mackinac Bridge and the island (Click here more on climbing the Mackinac Bridge). His latest comes from a little promo for Somebody’s Gotta Do It, his latest show on CNN.

We’ve long used the slogan, “Nice shirts for nice people”. Fact is, we like when people say nice things, especially when it’s about where we’re from, whether that be the Upper Peninsula, Mackinac Island, Detroit, or Michigan as a whole. Let’s say more nice things.

“Today’s poor man’s promo brought to you today from the history Grand Hotel, here at picturesque Mackinac Island, in the unspeakably beautiful Upper Peninsula of the great state of Michigan. I’ve never had a bad time in Michigan or on Mackinac, especially at the Grand Hotel.”

Poor Man’s Promo

Posted by Mike Rowe on Thursday, May 28, 2015

We’ll be back to the island in a month, defending our championship (amateur division) as Mackinac Island Stone Skipping Tournament. If you see us there some say hi and we’ll treat you to some fudge, and maybe give a quick stone skipping seminar.

4 Wonderful Comments

  1. I’m so proud that Mackinac Island is in the 906 Area Code, and grateful for Mike Rowe’s comments. . .but please folks explore more. Get over the bridge and head farther north to Copper Harbor, or west all the way to Porcupine Mountains State Park. Michigan boasts 200 waterfalls and all but one are in my beloved U.P. We’re also home to three National Parks, including the nation’s most remote, Isle Royale. The cliffs of Pictured Rocks, the trails of the Hiawatha National Forest’s Grand Island, and the people of this peninsula–trust me–will leave a mark on your memory to last a lifetime. Get here. And stay long enough to know how to say “pasty.”

  2. Frida, that’s the truth!

  3. Mary M-S
    Jun 3, 2015

    I got a kick out of Mike popping his shirt open :-)

  4. Reg Klubeck
    Nov 10, 2015

    * Rowe.

    Mike ROWE.

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