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Seney and the Seney Stretch

Today is the last Wednesday of June, and on Absolute Michigan, that means it’s a Weird Wednesday. Today Weird Michigan author Linda Godfrey has a piece on Shocking but Scenic Seney that features Hemingway and the Ogre of Seney and the seedy history of this town that you’ll want to check out.

Hunt’s UP Guide says that while Seney was once the Upper Peninsula’s most raucous lumber town with a population of 3000 – now just 300 – today Seney is best known as the start of The Seney Stretch:

…that mind-numbingly monotonous 30 miles of M-28 between Seney and Shingleton that’s the most direct route from the Mackinac Bridge to Pictured Rocks and Marquette. Here the highway is almost straight as an arrow and flat as a pancake because it’s crossing a swamp. The scraggly, flat, boring landscape can get burned into a motorist’s brain and mistakenly become representative of the entire U.P. interior.

Wikipedia’s entry for Michigan Highway M-28 adds that the Seney Stretch is the longest curveless section of highway in the state, and one of the longest straight stretches of curveless highway east of the Mississippi.

This post was originally posted on Michigan in Pictures.  They were kind enough to let us repost it on Yooper Steez.  Michigan in Pictures posts a photo a day, every day, from the great state of Michigan. Check out their blog and subscribe, it’s a good one.

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  1. Interesting note about the Seney Stretch… When it’s surveyed they have to take the curvature of the Earth into consideration. It’s not actually a straight line in the way we think of a straight line.

  2. I hate reading that some idiot calls the Seney Stretch ‘boring’! What sort of warped mentality is that? Would having these beautiful 10-20 miles of forests, creeks, wetlands, and old fields (and a few interesting ruins!) replaced with walmarts, strip malls, megastores, check-cashing ‘stores’, and apartment complexes help?

    On the other hand, every time someone says that the UP or Michigan is ‘too cold’ or not big city or california enough or whatever, I ‘agree’, hoping they’ll move to the more crowded, big city areas of the world (or stay there) thus helping keep Michigan Michigan!

  3. Drove that stretch several times in the last few weeks anf enjoyed every mile. Can’t wait to get back soon and do it again…and again.

  4. In the 1970s, at least, it was possible to run 90mph on the Seney stretch (and occasionally get passed).

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