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Yooper Steez on The Price Is Right

Yooper on The Price Is Right

A Yooper Steez shirt on The Price Is Right! Seriously, how cool is that? We couldn’t believe it! Two big shoutouts need to happen here. First, a big thanks to the mysterious Adam who got a great seat on The Price Is Right all while wearing one of our shirts. Secondly, a big shoutout to another Adam, @MTU_Adam, who snapped this photo during the October 19th broadcast of the show.

Last August we were equally surprised that a fan spotted a Yooper Steez shirt in the background of a YouTube video being filmed in Manhattan. And that wasn’t the first NYC sighting. The previous year we started receiving messages about our shirts being spotted on the Today Show.

If you spot a shirt, let us know! And of course you can send us your own photos.

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  1. Sweet! :)

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