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North Country Dreamland by Shawn Malone of Lake Superior Photo

We applaud the photographers and videographers in the Upper Peninsula that capture the beauty of this area and bring it to the rest of the world. This latest by Shawn Malone of Lake Superior Photo is titled “North Country Dreamland” taking a look at the celestial skies.

“This video is my first time lapse compilation of a resultant 10k photo frames equaling 33 scenes of various night sky events from Northern Michigan 2012- It took a year to shoot and a bit of tenacity and persistence to get this into a form of coherent electrified cosmic goodness.

Night sky-capes include multiple northern lights scenes, meteor showers, nebulae, planets, including Venus and Jupiter setting from Spring 2012, constellations, the milky way, comet Pan-Starrs, night-scapes over both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

All scenes are within 200 miles or so of my home in Marquette, MI and I feel very blessed to live where I do and to share the beauty that I see ‘in my own backyard’ with you. I hope it inspires others to take time to find the beauty that is everywhere around us and also to raise an awareness about the importance of preserving our night wondrous starlit skies.”

Photo video/edit: Shawn Malone Facebook.com/LakeSuperiorPhoto
Cameras used: Canon 5d, 5dMII and 5dMIII bodies and multiple wide angle lenses

Music: David Helpling/Jon Jenkins track titled, “Lifted” from the album “The Crossing”

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2 Wonderful Comments

  1. I just love reading about anything to do with the UP, left my heart in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in 1994 to finish college in Western Michigan. Every time I visit it gets harder to leave 8~(. Best years of my life living there, I shall return<3

  2. Deborah Yost
    Oct 7, 2013

    This is just so magnificent and beautiful! I am from the U.P…Ontonagon. My dad worked at the White Pine Copper Mine for over 30 years. I have such warm heartfelt memories of “home”. Not a day goes by for me without reflecting upon them. Once you live in such a wonderful peaceful quaint place…it is Forever in your Heart! I have lived in Florida for many years..I am here for my daughter and granddaughters only. I have never liked it here..it always looks the same..no beauty of the four seasons…it is miserably hot…the crime rate with perverts, criminals of all sorts, and weirdos is sky high!!! The beauty of the U.P. is like no other place!! Thank you for sharing your remarkable talent with us….God Bless You and Your family…Deborah Yost

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