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Welcome to Yooper Steez

Jan 24, 2008 | Leave a comment

Welcome to Yooper Steez! We have sought to create a brand new Yooper website unlike any Yooper site you’ve seen before and we’re happy to welcome you. To both Yoopers and non-Yoopers alike we’re looking to spread pride in Michigan’s great Upper Peninsula and all those things that may make us Yoopers.

Yooper or not, your first question might be, “What the heck is steez?” No, steez, is not another slang word used among Yooper dialect. The word steez is actually quite simple to understand, meaning style with ease. We like style, and even more we like to take it easy.

You might also be asking yourself, “What the heck is a Yooper?” We can help clarify that too. My prediction is that if you don’t know what a Yooper is, you most likely live outside of the Great Lakes Region. The word Yooper is designated for those who live (and have lived) in Michigan’s great Upper Peninsula, also known as the U.P. Simply take U.P., add an -er and you get Yooper. And that’s just the beginning of this remarkable place that is one of the most recognizable regions in all of North America.

And this is how we’re showing our Yooper Steez…

A pretty sweet blog – You’re on it right now! We hope to bring you awesome content from the Upper Peninsula. One entry might be about the best lighthouses, another may feature a town in the U.P., another may feature an interview with a fellow Yooper, and so much more.

T-shirts – We believe everyone who lives in the U.P., or loves the U.P., should have a cool U.P. t-shirt. The way we see it, it doesn’t need words. Take the Nike logo for example, they don’t have “Just do it” under the swoosh. And the U.P. is the same. It has enough presence to stand on it’s own. In our opinion we expect people to recognize it, we shouldn’t have to tell them, they should know!

Got Steez? – How cool would it be to see someone wearing a U.P. t-shirt in front of the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Statue of Liberty, Hollywood sign, or any other awesome landmark. Send us your photos showing your Yooper pride across the state, country, and world! We’ll post them on our site!

Read about the inspiration behind Yooper Steez

33 Wonderful Comments

  1. Looking good JW!

  2. Doris Morrison
    Apr 13, 2008

    Great website! When will you have more T-shirts?

  3. Yooper Steez
    Apr 13, 2008


    Thanks for checking in. We’ll have new shirts soon, and we’ll be updating designs, colors, and having more fun with them as time goes on. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions.

  4. Stephanie
    May 20, 2008

    Any end in sight on the shirt shortage? Can’t wait to buy one for my Yooper…

  5. will you be getting more blue t-shirts?

  6. I just came across this rather large article on the front page (front and center to be exact!) of http://www.msn.com A lovely article, actually :D


  7. Love the thought that was put into this website! Yooper…style with ease is fantastic-jd

  8. Dude, this is fantastic!! I just got back from a trip along the Cali coast and I wish I would’ve found out about this about three weeks ago so I could’ve rocked the U.P. style with ease!

  9. Kathy Elsner
    Apr 2, 2009

    I would like more information on the scholarship. How can a student from the UP apply for the scholarship?

    Kathy Elsner

  10. Tracy Foster-Olstad
    Nov 2, 2009

    I am interested in buying a bomber hat. Are any available? If not, when do you expect to have some?

  11. Yooper Steez
    Nov 2, 2009

    Tracy, we don’t have bomber hats for sale, but I would suggest checking out Getz’s where you can order it online and support an Upper Peninsula business.


  12. George Polmanteer
    Dec 17, 2009

    I was born in Michigan and have just purchased property in the UP and plan on returning to live in June or July of 2010. I was attempting to purchase a pair of Yooper T-shirts for my wife and I but all are sold out. when will you be restocking your inventory?? Thanks.

    George Polmanteer

  13. When do you expect to have the Lake Superior shirts back in stock? They’re awesome!

  14. Yooper Steez
    Dec 18, 2009

    Should have lots of new shirts in stock in early 2010. This means Lake Superior ones too, Krista.

  15. Hey der!

    Why dont’cha have Drummond Island on your map?
    Its the most eastern point of the UP don’tch know.

  16. Lorna Willis
    Jun 16, 2010

    I sure like this site, it is on my igoogle, right there, right away! Keep up the good work! Hope I can win a shirt!

  17. Very cool site, love reading you on FB, thanks to you I started Twitter but have no idea what I’m doing there…wha!

  18. i want one of those lake superior shirts but they’re sold out! :(
    can you inform me when you have more?! promise i’ll send a photo of me wearing it on golden gate bridge, the redwoods, or whatever northern calif. landmarks you like…

  19. I’d like to invite anyone in the U.P. who is interested in writing a book or who has already published a book to join the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association (http://www.UPPAA.org) Our sole mission is promoting U.P. authors and their books so come on down!

    Trolls are welcome too!

  20. Do you guys have a (not online) store to check out?

    Love the shirts!

  21. Hey! I met you tonight in East Lansing at Harrison Roadhouse! As soon as I got home, I wanted to check out your blog! It’s awesome!! Still browsing, but really like what I see so far :) Counting down to Thanksgiving when I’ll be back in U.P.

  22. Hey guys! So I absolutely love your site! I was wondering when you would have more hoodies and tees in stock! Thanks a bunches and much love!

  23. Theresa, thanks so much! We will definitely have new U.P. hoodies in the next week and some Lake Superior hoodies to follow shortly, and then some new designed hoodies shortly after that!

  24. Tim Atkinson
    Apr 6, 2012

    Just a thought…

    You might make some extra cash with the saying, “I’m a troll, but I love Yoopers!” or some variation of that.

    I grew up in the Lower Peninsula but I love all things Michigan. I now live in Mississippi and am always spreading the gospel of Michigan!


  25. richard c comley sr
    Jul 23, 2012

    canadian father of a yooper

  26. Josh Eisenhardt
    Sep 7, 2012

    A thought for a T-Shirt

    “Love (or the heart symbol)da UP, eh?”
    “Me and You, side by each, eh?”

  27. Julie A. Blackburn
    Mar 16, 2013

    Hey! When will you game the St. Urho’s Sweatshirts available again

  28. Julie, this is definitely something we’d like to have on hand for St Urho’s day 2014! Hopefully a couple months prior. Thanks for your interest and stay tuned!

  29. While visiting a friend over the holidays in 2010 I noticed she had the coolest shirt, featuring just a simple silhouette of the UP. A very basic image, but something I found myself asking “where can I get one of those?” She directed me to Yooper Steez. I instantly loved the idea of simple shirts, but once I scoured the webpage I loved the company as well. I was even more impressed after I placed an order and had a personalized thank you handwritten on the outside of the parcel. Bugsy often tells people to stay awesome, and I hope he does the same! Yooper Steez certainly are nice clothes for nice people. Cheers!

  30. Paulie Williams
    May 23, 2015

    Well, yes there was a Big Boy by Power Sports, but there was a Big Boy at Shopko, in Kingsford, Michigan.

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