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What do you love about the Upper Peninsula?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since today is Valentine’s Day I thought it’d be great to hear what you love about the Upper Peninsula. Could be your favorite waterfall, your favorite season, places to visit, a childhood memory, or anything and everything else about the beautiful U.P.

Leave a comment and let us know why you love the Upper Peninsula.

i hear the upper peninsula

13 Wonderful Comments

  1. Jen Ismirle
    Feb 14, 2009

    I love skipping stones at Presque Isle, and it was really fun jumping off the Black Rocks . . . even though the water was freezing!

  2. Fishing for brook trout in the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River between Bond Falls and Agate Falls

  3. Nancy Syrjala-Holwerda
    Feb 14, 2009

    Lake Gogebic and our cottage, Backpacking in the porkies each summer, family time with my cousins,The Mighty Mac, Black River Harbor, swimming in the little carp river, canoeing, the quiet……

    Come on….what isn’t to LOVE?

  4. The Great Lakes, bonfires on the beach, the Locks, the Jampot, Pasties, Clyde’s Drive-In, people speaking Finnish, and the Friday Fish Fry at the Raber Bay Bar.

  5. Lake superior..kayaking..hiking..bonfires…and summertime!!! :)

  6. I went to the Eben Ice Caves on Valentine’s Day.

    In general, I just love hiking through woods with a digital camera, and wondering how such a beautiful place exists.

  7. The scenic beauty all around us and the more relaxed lifestyle.

  8. Snow banks as big as houses. Summers spent picking agates and berries and following up with a refreshing dip in Lake Superior. Absolute silence.

  9. mike foucault
    Feb 21, 2009

    second sand beach, walking on the falls river or silver river, point abbaye, just plain being there and enjoying it. watching a L’anse hornet football game on a cool fall night, class reunions, keweenaw bay, the copper country…..

  10. I love the summer at the beach.
    I love walking through the woods and running into no one.

  11. You know you are in the U.P. when the local drive-in burger joint in Baraga opens for the season when it is a balmy -19.3 degrees at 8 AM. Business is bustling! Ice cream cone, anyone?

  12. Jerry Luoma (Finnish, Eh)
    Feb 5, 2010

    I’m from Skandia AND I’m coming back after a 50 year leave of abscence. See ya in the spring, Ya, sure, you betcha

  13. I used to live up there and I’m attached to the BEST place EVER, the U.P. I couldn’t think of a better place!

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