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Poll Results: What do you prefer on your pasty?

According to our poll result 62% of people prefer eating their pasty with ketchup. Personally I think this has been one of my favorite poll questions on Yooper Steez. If you’re new to our poll questions you can check out the poll archive.

Pasty Toppings

As for myself, I prefer naked pasties, no condiments for me. I have nothing against ketchup or gravy, but my usual take is that condiments are one more step between deliciousness and my mouth. However, one person suggested sour cream, and I thought that does actually sound pretty good.

Speaking of the sour cream, for those of you who are in the 4% other category, please leave a comment and let us know what exactly it is you prefer on your pasty.

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14 Wonderful Comments

  1. Julie Williams
    Apr 27, 2009

    I’ve found sour cream works with pizza so why not pastys?! Ketchup still is my main condiment though.

  2. I finally ordered some breakfast pasties from pasty.com and had one this morning, with sour cream. Very tasty!

  3. my dad and my brother like A1 steak sauce on theirs. I like gravy, and my mom (the only true yooper in the family) likes the traditional ketchup.

  4. I am a YOOPER through and through, however I have never had a pasty that I have liked. That being said, I am serving a YOOPER Thanksgiving dinner this year for about 25 family members: Turkey and Beef pasties, Smoked whitefish, grilled whitefish, and Mackinac Whitefish bisque, which incidentally comes from the executive chef at the Grand Hotel. I’m wondering what my relatives will think. I love being a YOOPER. I actually wanted to serve a U.P. raised turkey but found none.

  5. I am from Pittsburgh, my wife’s family is from the Crystal Falls area. My wife makes the best pasties. I always put Bullseye barbeque sauce on them ! Can’t wait for our bi-annual trip to Lake Stanley this summer. I would like to someday hunt the U.P.Bagged my Pennsylvania buck on monday.

  6. Jack Bosley
    Dec 8, 2009

    I would love to taste yur wife’s pasties. I served them this Thanksgiving but I just keep wondering that there has to be a better pastie. What is her secret? Ask her to share it with us.

  7. I know this is probably not popular, but I think ketchup on pasties is vile, yet I know plenty of people who just flood their pasty with ketchup. Bleahh…I prefer mine with nothing on ’em at all–at most, if I make them, as I sometimes do, with no salt added, I just sprinkle a little on when eating…and hot, more often than cold.

  8. I prefer to have butter (not margarine) and some salt on mine.

  9. I prefer gravy if I am eating it on a plate with a knife and fork. Ketchup if it is hand-held and I can squirt it on per bite. Naked is fine as well, though third on the list.

    Butter, hmm. Butter is good on anything, but if the crust is made with lard, as it should be, the butter is probably too much.

  10. Mike Langner
    Dec 13, 2016

    I prefer chow chow on my pastie but if I don’t have it on hand I use Famous Dave’s Hot and Spicy Pickle Relish.

  11. Mike Langner
    Dec 13, 2016

    I prefer chow chow on my pastie but if I don’t have it on hand I use Famous Dave’s Signature Spicy Pickle Relish.

  12. I always eat mine with queso and a little sour cream. Ew…Ketchup though?

  13. My wife’s family has Cornish angry yooper in their background. I don’t know how it started, but they use sweet pickle juice on them.

  14. I bet these would be great with a salsa or white cheese sauce

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