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Is this the Most Ridiculous “Yooper” Definition Ever?

Over the years every Yooper hears stereotypes, jokes, and definitions of the word “yooper” that we can all chuckle about, roll ours eyes at, or even confirm in rare instances.

At Yooper Steez we’re always looking for people using the word “yooper” online, in books, or anywhere else. Well, our latest research came across something completely blasphemous. Let us know what you think…

Yooper — “Person from north of the bridge. a second class citizen of the U.S.. A canadian trapped on american soil.”

Example: Yoopers think they’re american, but everybody in america hates them. which is why michigan is selling the u.p. to canada for a carton of cigarettes.

Courtesy of ‘Bob Saget’ on Urban Dictionary

Out of the 9 user-posted definitions on Urban Dictionary, thankfully this one has the least number of votes.

Check out the real definition of and origion of the word “Yooper”.

What do you think, worst “Yooper” definition ever? We’re opening this up for discussion, let us know what you think, are we really worth just a carton of cigarettes?

16 Wonderful Comments

  1. I don’t know who this “bob saget” character is, but if i ever come across a guy who says he’s bob saget on urban dictionary, he’s going to be in for a hurtin’

  2. ha ha that’s ridiculous

  3. Well let’s not be too hard on him, Full House being canceled really took its toll.
    Uncle Joey has some sort of beef with Utah I hear….

  4. He’s good at giving himself bad press!


  5. I’m pretty sure that’s the most offensive description I’ve heard. I have to admit that I always thought most western Yoopers (Escanaba and west) would rather be from Wisconsin or Minnesota.

    I know, in fact, that I am referred to as a troll, and that’s fine by me.

  6. Jen is completely right. I mean, the poor guy has been reduced to hosting game shows, Richard Karn and Drew Carey are probably trying to compensate for their hard times in their own ways too. But if Bobby boy is right, I don’t know that I could handle going to Western Ontario Technological University…

  7. oh you yoopers get offended so easily!

  8. Aww. so mean. I wouldn’t call someone a “second class citizen”

  9. I was born in Manistique in ’35, of Scandinavian descent as most in the area were I believe. The pronounciation of YOOPER was because they did not pronounce upper as up per, they pronounced it YEWWWWWW,per, Yah, YEW betcha!
    Trolls are people from lower MI. They are UNDER the Big Mac as in the old stories of trolls hiding under bridges

  10. ok first of all everyone knows who bob saget is NICK.
    second of all i went to school in the U.P. to Northern Michigan University my first year and I am transferring back home because it was the worst time of my life. Yeah, the snow is beautiful but the ‘yoopers’ are the creepiest people i have ever laid eyes on. All the natives speak a weird language saying “hey” after evrything, making every statement they say a question…ridiculous. You guys are worth less than a carton of cigarettes.

  11. I guess your bad experience colored things Jackie but I have always found the native Yooper “eh” very cute and endearing. I guess you just think friendly people are “creepy.” I disagree. I went to NMU too and I’m a senior, about to graduate. Your reaction makes me think YOU are the one that is worth less than a carton of cigarettes. And considering that I don’t smoke that’s like saying you’re around the level of dog crap.

  12. That has to be the stupidest thing ever said.

    Usually I hear everyone go OMG WHUT when I say where I’m from….. so I explain it and they’re like OH I thought that was Canada or Wisconsin.

    I’ve had Canadians complain at me for saying ‘eh when I’m not Canadian- so I explain to them that “hey, we probably say it more than you guys”.

    I can’t think of anything dumber that I hear at random times.

  13. He used to be on most funniest videos and then they canned him. It just shows how much class he has as a person.

  14. Looks like Jackie dun gradieated the 6th grade like jethro from the beverly hillbillies. I think the word is worthless. More than likely when they were teaching spelling she was doing something more important in her own mind.

  15. Corey M.
    Sep 6, 2009

    Urban Dictionary is an online forum where anyone can post a definition, and can say their name is Rumplestiltskin if they want. “Bob Saget” did not post this. Go to http://www.urbandictionary.com. The website allows people to post definitions, as well as rate them. Other words are on there, like “staycation.”

  16. I’m yooper, Hurley, living in Salt Lake City now.
    I feel proud being a yooper and not a troll.
    Ya ha

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